Make Video a Marketing Priority

Make Video a Marketing Priority

If you haven’t already reached the conclusion that video is one of the best solutions for your marketing needs, we thought we would load up on some of our favorite recent reports and statistics to help get you there. So here are Five Great Reasons To Make Video A Marketing Priority:


Of course, visual media are decidedly more compelling than the printed word. And motion pictures on a website go even further to tell a story, sell a product or teach a lesson.  Carla Marshall reports on on some of the many ways marketers are using video.  How many of these are you doing?

  • To enhance website marketing content
  • YouTube marketing
  • Social media marketing & networking
  • Explain new products & services
  • Video landing pages
  • Online advertising
  • Search marketing
  • Employee communications & training
  • Webinars & meetings


The growth of crowdfunding has been partially fueled by a strong showing on the video front. Sandip Sekhon at reports that “Campaigns that have a personal video raise 105% more than those that don’t.” That’s more than $$double$$, folks.  Hard to argue with those results.


When it comes to building product appeal, there is nothing quite like the power of video. Earlier this year, Sean Rosensteel summarized a landmark demand generation study on by stating “Most respondents prefer video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps. And you should factor that into your 2013 content marketing strategy.”  The study he spoke of was the “B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey 2012” published by, which showed that 91% of marketers surveyed use videos for demand generation.


On the consumer side, has something to say about the power of video as a product sales tool:  “About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video.”  A similar report by states that 52% of consumers who watch product videos say those videos make them more confident about purchases.”  So you can entice HALF of your prospects to take a closer look at your product just by showing them a video. Yes, please.


Video is even helping the SEO efforts of many marketers. When posted their tips for using video to improve marketing results, they included this tidbit: “Landing pages that have video are 53% more likely to be on the first page of a Google search.” Of course this statistic is irrelevant if you DON’T want to be on top.

Whether your current marketing energies are directed toward SEO, Demand Generation, Crowdfunding, or just old-fashioned ‘moving product’ at least one of these Five Great Reasons should get you started toward using video a bit more in your marketing efforts in 2014.


George Riddell is president of BigHouse Production, producer of TV advertising, corporate films and video for web and mobile media.